I Love You, Spartanburg, SC
I didn't realize it at the time, but now that I'm looking back, I don't think the back-assward stories I covered in the two years I spent in Spartanburg, South Carolina can really be topped. Cases in point:

- The time a dude killed his girlfriend/baby mama on July 3rd, wrapped her body in a big plastic tarp and stowed it away in the closet. He then proceeded to invite a bunch of friends and family over for an Independence Day cookout with his dead girlfriend's body stored just a few feet away. Happy Holidays to you, too.

- The time a 17-year-old boy ass-raped a pit bull. Her name was Princess. She survived the initial incident, but died two weeks later of internal bleeding.

- The time a man threw a deadly hot iron to his girlfriend's head, dealing a fatal blow. He then claimed that someone had vandalized the scene of the crime with ketchup and hot sauce to keep the cops off his trail. Seriously.

- Speaking of food products, let's not forget the great chocolate sex caper, which happened in the county just north of Spartanburg.

So, I have nothing but love for the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office, because they have a lot to deal with given limited resources and crazy shennanigans going on all the time. So if during these tight economic times, the deputies need to pawn off a framed photo of two camels for $55, I'm not going to give them shit about it. But it was worth this blog post.
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Lobby Music
We spent the weekend in Shreveport, where my friends Keith and Virginia committed their lives to each other in a wedding drenched in old Southern tradition. (Another crawfish pie? Yes please!) The wedding itself (and all the parties preceding it) were class all the way. But our casino hotel was like a low rent version of Mandalay Bay, and yes, yes indeed there was loud lobby music. A selection of the songs playing in the lobby on Saturday:

One Moment in Time - Whitney Houston
Karma Chameleon - Culture Club
I'm Still Standing - Elton John
Always Something There to Remind Me - Naked Eyes
Hold On to the Night - Richard Marx
Rrivate Dancer - Tina Turner
(I've Had) The Time of My Life - Bill Medley/Jennifer Warnes
All the Girls I've Loved Before - Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias
Crimson and Clover - Tommy James and the Shondells
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Photog and I got into a car wreck today. The juxtaposition of situations in life never ceases to amaze me.

Here we were, driving along on Veteran's Day when SLAM! A veteran - the kind with 18 metallic ribbons to prove it -- crashes into us while trying to turn left from the right lane.

I hop out of the car and where are we? Right in front of APD Headquarters. Need a cop? I'll just go procure one right here...
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Random Weekend

That's "The Bachelor" of ABC's The Bachelor, Season 13. I think. He was the only bachelor in the show's history to decide, eff it, I don't want to end up with any of you. And it was awesome.

He owns a bunch of bars in Austin and I think we see him about once a week. A few weeks ago, AP-ril and I thought about getting a photo with him at the Best of Austin party, where I won my dubious award, but another Best of Austin winner, Uno the Westminster Kennel Club champ, showed up and I decided I wanted to be pictured with Uno more than Brad W0mack.

How about this for outrage? Guess what Brad's twin brother's name is? Chad. OUTRAGE.
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Liveblogging Election Night at the Driskill
I'm camped out at The Driskill where Democratic candidates are going to be tonight. My colleague Clara Tuma is holding down the fort at the Four Seasons, where the GOP candidates will watch returns. I'll liveblog in reverse chronological order - most recent posts up top. ***Remember to refresh if you're staying on the page***

8:18pm: Okay things are going to get rough and wild from this point forward, so I will update with new posts instead of individual updates on this one post. Thanks for staying with us so far... stick around.

8:12pm: It took us forever, but we finally found Travis County Democratic Party Chair Andy Brown for a quick interview. Here he is with Olga Campos. Big night for Travis County Dems. The only Republican in office in Travis County, County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty, may be unseated.


7:55pm: It just took me ten minutes to walk twenty feet through the crowd out there.

7:44pm: I'm hearing that CNN is projecting later than other states... but the crowds at the Driskill are watching CNN, so they just learned Obama won Pennsylvania.

7:19pm: Elected officials are getting in here now, I caught Councilmember Mike Martinez and Mayor Will Wynn... here's Wynn in the crowd. So far early voting numbers show Austin's proposition 2 failing by a 48%For- 52%Against vote.


7:15pm: The crowd really exploded within the last twenty minutes. With big projection screens on four walls, everyone has a place to watch John King and his holograms.


6:57pm: Look above for my latest vlog. It takes about five seconds.

6:42pm: The crowd goes wild... CNN reports Obama won about one precinct in North Carolina.

6:38pm: Interesting tidbit that rocks my world: Larry Joe Doherty, running in CD 10, was a TV judge on Texas Justice. But he's not actually a judge. Why? You're not allowed to actually be a TV judge if you are a real judge. So it goes for Judge Judy, etc.

6:12pm: Some cheering and clapping when Vermont was called for Obama. Otherwise just a handful of people in here so far.

5:48pm: More people are filing in here, including Kyle Johnson of a small Austin based company, BumperActive. Is he a little premature with these victory bumper stickers?

Kyle Johnson's betting on Obama to win.

5:38pm: Report from GOP Victory party at the Four Seasons -- they are playing the "Big Bad John" video over and over. My friend Craven says he hopes Cornyn wears the fringed jacket (from the video) tonight.

5:20pm Had to be away for the 5pm live shots. Are you having problems at polling places? I'm hearing of some troubles in Williamson County. Please leave a comment, don't email.. because I won't have access to KVUE email tonight.

4:31pm: The press risers, and our KVUE crew are below. I'm not pictured because I don't like being in front of the camera. :)

Milling about

Photogs and engineers really make the world go 'round.

4:04pm: Nothing really happening here, but for anyone planning on being here, eat first. I hear the food order is going to be small for the size of the crowd.

Empty Driskill... I'll take another shot later.

3:47pm Dems have the entire mezzanine of the Driskill, with little rooms off to the side, too. The press will be in the "Austin Room" when we're not on the floor or in my case, on rises.

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Snippet from Stiles: Thoughts on UT
(Stiles hates the University of Texas football fans. He's happy they lost to Texas Tech on Saturday.)

"Part of their school song is a bash on another school. I mean, how crass is that? They're so arrogant and insecure that they have to bash another school in their official fight song? They don't even say "we're better", they just say "you suck". What is that? I hate them."
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