This Week's Men of the Week
Don Knotts, R.I.P. (I always loved his guest spots on Matlock)
John Craven
Aleksandr Milinkevich
Ryan Kelly, now a married man

This Week's Snippet from Stiles
"I remember the first time I met a guy named Jesus [Spanish pronuncation]. I was about ten. I thought his name was "Sus" and everyone was just going 'Hey, Sus!'. It was around the same time I had my first burrito."
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Sex Education
Spent my afternoon in the little hamlet of Laurens, South Carolina. It's a place with a lot of fans of the Second Amendment, but story today had nothing to do with guns.

Cops called us down after they arrested a fifth grade teacher. They said the teacher "pulled a Tamara" (a reference to the teacher in Dawson's Creek who diddled Pacey).

The police report references three separate encounters. Some other nuggets:
"Sometime during the first few weeks in January he and her had sex on her desk"
"He states he began to move and she began to moan"
"The juvenile stated there were six other children in the classroom"
Not hot.
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Welcome to the Modern World
Waffle House coffee: $1.10
Original Sweet Cream Recipe Waffle: $2.35
All Star Special: $5.59
Waffle House accepting credit cards for the first time in company history: Priceless

(Thanks Fiscus, for the heads up)
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It's Monday, That Means Belated Men of the Week
Bill Maher, welcome back
Shani Davis
Nick Lachey, files for alimony
Sir Deep Reddy, bad blogger, good journalist moves on up to East side (DC baby yeeeeah!)

Blame it on the Rain
I'm retiring "Inspirational Quote of the Week from Film or TV" to make room for a new Sunday series, "Snippet from Stiles". This will, predictably, feature an excerpt from a conversation with Stiles within the previous week. Our inaugural snippet:

"I was first to go on record to say something ain't right about Milli Vanilli."
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The Clash of Civilizations
(No, I'm not about to start a discussion about Samuel P. Huntington.)

Mom and Dad are in town so that I don't have to spend my birthday alone with my cats. But they didn't come by themselves. Along came Saidee, our seven year old beagle. The cats have never SEEN a dog before, let alone try and live with one. So, this arrangement isn't gonna work. Caesar and Fitz will spend the weekend at Hotel de Dunning, the home of my friends Steve and Myra. No dogs there, just an infant, but she's not scary.
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Men of the Week: Men of the Wild West
Harry Whittington, shot by the Veep
The Mechanical Bull
Matty, provider of a pink Cowboy hat
Toby Ziegler (of The West Wing)
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Riding it Hard
Your snarky blogger turns another year older on Friday. Birthdays have gotten pretty lame since turning 21. So I decided to try something new this year and lose my mechanical bull-riding virginity! Twenty of us went to a campy redneck "saloon" full of dudes in wranglers and chicks with perms.

"We've been here thirty seconds and I've already seen a mullet," said Mr. Sti!es.

The drinking was hard, fast and rough, much like my adventure on the bull. I shared this experience with my dear friend Alison, who rode in front. I thought we were close already but we're REALLY close now. Riding a mechanical bull together is a truly bonding experience.

Thanks to all for making the celebration one to remember. Or NOT remember, depending
on how much Southern Comfort you sucked down.
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On Running for the Border
Just a coupla Taco Bell related musings that I decided to wrap up into one chalupa of a blog post.

*When I first began one-man-banding as part of Broadcast 2, I started this weird tradition where I'd eat Taco Bell after every package I completed. At that time, I only did one package a week or something, so my arteries could actually handle it. If that tradition held up past college I'd probably be dead by now.

*I remember fondly the time Taco Bell introduced the Seven Layer Nachos. (Come to think of it I think I remember when the Double Decker Taco came out, too.) Chris Becker and I were pretty into Nachos Bell Grande, so we wanted to give the Seven Layer Nachos a try. We always wanted to order "Seven Layer Nachos, but only layers one, two, five and seven" to see what happened. We never had the cojones to actually do it.

*Am I the only one curious about the Crunch Wrap Supreme? It looks like a 560 calorie frisbee. But me gusta the bell, so I think I'm gonna give it a whirl.
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Men of the Week XL
Drew Lawrence
Michael Schiavo
Michael Ian Black, now a Sierra Mist commercial superstar

Pop Culture Quote of the Week
"I never liked kids. They're like small drunk adults."-Michael Ian Black as "Phil Stubbs" in Ed
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Subscription Problems Continued
Perhaps this is a sign I need to move. First, it was the New York Times not delivering my paper for nine weeks straight. I thought I nipped that problem in the bud when I canceled the subscription.
Now I have the opposite problem.
For whatever reason, I've been receiving Time Magazine for the last three weeks. I never signed up for this! But somehow I'm gonna pay for it. And why Time when I prefer Newsweek? The subscription Gods are punishing me.

12.18.05 The End
12.05.05 We Shall Overcome
12.01.05 Ignored by the Gray Lady
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Savidge Beast?
ATLANTA - Staying briefly to cover the Coretta Scott King story. Coworker Nigel did most of the shows, and I return to Sparkle City duty tonight. Nothing too crazy out here. NBC's Martin Savidge was also at the King Center, and I've long admired his work. Too bad when Nigel tried to talk to him he was an absolute prick. Hate it when that happens.
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