Happy New Year!
It's Chinese New Year, y'all! We're ringing in the Year of the Dog. If you were born in the Year of the Dog, be careful. There's a higher likelihood of accidents when you're in your zodiac year. Also, be nice to your pooches! Our dog, Saidee, got an extra meal and some treats to celebrate. She wanted a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and some Biggie Fries but her Chinese New Year's resolution was to lose some of that holiday weight.
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New Nemesis Search Complete
And the winner is... RITA COSBY.
Not only does she sound like a transvestite with a bad operation, she keeps doing shows NO ONE CARES about. All your interviews are "exclusive" when no one else is covering the same BS stories. Duh.

Update: Tonight on Rita Cosby Live and Direct... Porn is coming to actor Stephen Baldwin's neighborhood.

Okay, see what I mean about stories no one cares about? But you can bet she's gonna call this an exclusive.
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Men of the Week: Family Size Edition
Martin Luther King Jr.
M@rc Willis
Mark Lyon
Al Gore
John McCain, (visited Sparkle City Monday night)
Dude from C-SPAN who's sending me a C-SPAN T-shirt

Pop Culture QOTW: When Lindsey Graham and Brokeback Mountain Collide
"After repeated attempts by the Democrats to draw Alito out on abortion and paint him as a racist, a visibly upset Republican Senator Lindsay Graham had this to say: 'I am sorry you've had to sit here and go through this. I'm sorry your family has had to sit here and listen to this'...
He added, 'I wish I could quit you.'" -"Weekend Update" on SNL
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M&M Bowl 2006: This Time It's Personal

It's pretty cool my coworkers like each other enough to play football together on a weekend. But this is no last-minute get together. It's the M&M Bowl, started last year by a photographer named Mark and a reporter named Marc. (M and M, get it? Tee hee hee.)
More photos here.
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Trip Postscript
How did I forget to mention this?

I took a shuttle service from the Kansas City airport to Columbia, MO last week. Two other human beings, and a human eye rode with me.
"It keeps an eye on me," said the driver.
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State of Confusion
Last night South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford delivered his State of the State address. It included half a dozen references to Friedman's The World is Flat, and about as many blunders. For instance:
Last October, Rosa Parks was saddened by the death of a civil rights pioneer. Let me say that again in English. Last October, America was saddened...
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I returned to the Quad to find it getting all torn up. This is to make way for the new Reynolds Journalism Institute, courtesy of Don Reynolds, who gave us 31 million dollars to build it (and name it after him, of course).
Says an unamed journalism professor, "We sold our souls for that one."

Then, to my simultaneous delight and displeasure, I found this across the street:

I complained about Columbia's lack-of-Starbucks for the entire time I lived there. Now that we've all moved on, Columbia gets a real Starbucks of its very own. Exciting for the fellow addicts out there, but sorta sad. It surprised me to see the town actually gave in and let the evil "Fox Books" of coffee come in. Guess everyone's in the soul-selling business these days. Not that I'm on a high horse about it, after all, I work in TV news.
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The Worlds Collide
In Columbia, MO with Matty. He spent the week working on databases* and what not. Meanwhile, I have:

Played quarters at Harpos
Put away a fair share of toasted ravioli
Lunched with Greeley and K. Collins at the new Berg
Seen a "Freedom Isn't Free" bumper sticker (Yes, I'm serious)

*Mr. Woelfel's definition of data-mapping: "It's where you put data onto maps..."
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Macho Man of the Week
Vince Young.

Pop Culture Quotable of the Weekable
"Soft mattress? Yeah, it could have been the soft mattress. Or the midnight rape. Or the nude gay art show that took place in my room last night. One of those three probably contributed to the lack of sleep. "-Wedding Crashers
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Dear Old Varsity
Headed to Mizzou next week. Haven't been back since early 2004. The boy is going to be there for a Computer Assisted Reporting boot camp, so I figured I'd go and show him around.

Some things on the agenda:

Lunch date with Kent C0llins at Shakespeare's, listen to his stories of Lizzy Vargas back-in-the-day
Jimmy's Steakhouse for the $3.99 cheeseburger and fries special, plus a 99 cent salad bar
The frozen custard place formerly known as Shakey's
Snag some Maneaters for Fiscus
The Trops drive-thru (it's still hard to believe you can order up some daiquiris in a drive-thru)
Visit KOMU (Coverage You Don't Want to Count On) to watch some young'un fuck up their first on-set (though nothing compares to Katzman '03)

I'm probably forgetting something really important.

P.S. Some photos from New Year's in D.
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Sleepless in Seattle
Thomas here, guest-blogging for Jack. I am to provide the West Coast commentary for this blog. About Seattle so far, I can say this - Where did all these hills come from? Geez Louise. Do I just have to accept soreness as a way of life?

Some of my relatives have accused me of moving here because it is a blue-state. Maybe. Maybe. Though I have yet to see liberals forcing their kids to live in outdoor doghouses because they gave their rooms to same-sex couples who are planning on getting married.

But I haven't been everywhere yet.
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Two Syllable Men of the Week
D-Lev, party host extraordinaire
Dick Clark
Ang Lee
Grabell, engaged!

Multiple Syllable Inspirational Quote from Pop Culture
(The Oldie but Goodie Edition)
"When I buy a new book, I read the last page first. That way, in case I die before I finish, I know how it ends. That, my friend, is a dark side." -When Harry Met Sally

After the Party, It's the Hotel Lobby
Partied at D-Lev's loft. It's a sweet place in South Dallas, guarded by coils of barbed wire, because, well, it's South Dallas. At midnight, the sound of fireworks was really the sound of gunshots.

Matty and I chose to spend the night at the same hotel where thousands of drunken, virile Alabama kids were staying for the Cotton Bowl. Nothing like a 32 floor elevator ride crammed in with screaming Alabama boys smelling of ass and Jim Beam. Lucky us. That smell was followed up with the lovely aroma of smoke coming from the room someone set on fire.

But all in all, one of the best New Year's weekends yet.

P.S. The next morning, Dallas Fire and Police showed up at the hotel. Brought in a stretcher. Wonder what went down?

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