The Bitch is Back
After returning to Charlotte yesterday, I discovered my car, "Sexy Bitch", got towed from Fiscus' parking lot. Went through my personal version of hell trying to get the Bitch back, and now I'm down 180 bones.
And don't even get me started on my guilt over driving an SUV that contributes to America's aggressive foreign policy. I promise to trade her in once I'm out of debt.

Crack is Whack
I don't know why I just put that there, it just rhymed with The Bitch is Back. And it's my second favorite celebrity quote, behind "Adios, Mofo".
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Blogging the Weekend
HOUSTON - Arrived after a layover in Detroit, wherein getting from Concourse A to B required traversing some sort of intergalactic space tunnel, complete with alternating fluorescent-colored walls and futuristic mood music.

Instead of staying in Houston, we spent the first night of my four day vaca in Dallas. The Stiles surprised me with a sweet suite at my ultimate favorite Dallas hotel, The Magnolia. (They have milk and cookies on the 2nd floor between 9-11pm.) SWEET!

Saw the old crew at Cosmo, a place with good Cosmo's. Whaddya know.

Chip called me about eight times Saturday because he was bored, and because they arrested the guy who killed Kenny! We'd been covering a homicide for a few days straight because someone killed a guy named Kenny, and the po-po's ended up picking up a dude (who looked conspicuosuly like NASCAR driver Mark Martin,) for the crime.

Now we're back in H-town and headed to the beach! More later...
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Almost as Cool as a 'Free Katie!' T-shirt

Hopelessly vacant Texas governor Rick Perry fell victim to an open mic this week, after he thought a satellite interview with a Houston TV station was over. Perry may have been done, but the microphone wasn't. "Adios, Mofo," the governor said into the open mic. (Hehehehehehe.) He later called the reporter to apologize.

But we're capitalists, so why not start hawking some "Adios, Mofo" T-shirts online? Someone thought of it before me. But to my great delight, The Stiles has already bought me a pink one. I'm one lucky girl. Posted by Hello
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Bounce, Bounce-Bounce
(Man, I'm just CRAZY for R. Kelly this week!)
Mr. Stiles and I are going to cruise up to the big D from his new home in H-town, to help celebrate the birthdays of Ms. Goodl0e and Mr. Grabell. If you are a Dallasite and I haven't sent you the details yet, email me at my-first-and-last-name-at-yahoo-dot-com.

Things to Ponder
There are times I seriously wish I had a cellphone camera. Today, in the parking lot of the Anderson Civic Center, the speed limit posted was NINE AND A HALF MPH. What??!
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Fearsome Foursome
The people have spoken, and they've selected the top four hottest senators. Now it's your chance to help narrow down to ONE winning senator, by voting again! You can check out the finalists here.
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And the Emmy Goes to...

Congrats to my partner-in-crime, photographer Chip B@ysden! He just called from the awards ceremony to say he won his first Emmy, beating out several Atlanta stations for the prize.
I lent Chip to Nigel for a weekend to shoot the story for which they won, about boot camp on Parris Island. The station's had a great night, too. At press time, five... but I'll update later.
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The Real Washingtonienne
...is hot blogger Ana Marie Cox, whose irreverent and biting reflections of everything inside the beltway has made her THE blogger to interview on MSNBC. Okay, so in some ways she's BECOME the story, everything we observers of the universe aren't supposed to do. But her site has helped her take the hot senator elections to stratospheric, unexpected levels. They are mounting a charge for Carl Levin.
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Decision 2005

(Shout out to Milton for his fly ballot-making skills.)

Remember, try and vote for the candidates based on LOOKS ONLY. For instance, you might think Santorum is a fascist. But if you think he's hotter than the rest, it's America, no one can stop you from voting Santorum.

The ballot gets narrowed down to the top four hottest NEXT Tuesday. That means you have until next Monday to cast your vote. Vote by sending an email with your top pick to HottestUSSenator@yahoo.com An independent accounting firm will handle vote counting. You may only vote once per week. But you could always campaign on your own blogs or in the comments box.
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Re: Doggie Style
Just when you thought the buggery story couldn't get worse, the pit bull victim died! Vets said it was from internal bleeding.
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Get Ready to Rumble
Coming soon on 67 Degrees, elections for the "Hottest US Senator". Now that's hot. Judge them by looks only. If you haven't any of them in person, you might, like me, drool over them on C-SPAN (read: Robert Byrd).

The election starts with eight candidates, and there will be a run-off each week to narrow it down to a winner. He/she will be named "The Ultimate Hottest US Senator Not Counting Obama". A certificate will go to the winning Senator's office.

Brutus will cast any tiebreaking votes.
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Bye Bye Boyfriend
My boyfriend Bill Hemmer is leaving CNN. I no longer have a reason to get up in the mornings.
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Watergate Runs Deep
Big week, big week. I'm sure S-deep and I aren't the only journalists who think Hank Stuever put it brilliantly when he said "being in the dark about Deep Throat was more enthralling than holding it out to the light."
Even still, the conspiracy that was Watergate is captivating*. When I finished reading All the President's Men back in the day, I couldn't get into the sequel, The Final Days. Alas, I'm reading it now. Woodstein writes of Nixon:
After four years of handing out souvenir presidential favors of cufflinks, ties clasps, pens and golf balls, Nixon required assistance to open the cardboard boxes. Once, the President had called [Steve Bull] in to open an allergy-pill bottle, which Nixon had been struggling with for some time - the childproof type of bottle, with instructions saying "Press down while turning." The cap had teeth marks on it where Nixon had apparently tried to gnaw it open.

*Confession: When I was in 8th grade, I made a Watergate presentation by cutting out photos of about 30 Watergate players, putting them on construction paper backgrounds and attaching them to popsicle sticks. I then acted out the conspiracy using the Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Judge Sirica et al puppets to explain what went down.
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Things You Don't Appreciate Until They're Gone
Ability to chew
(I got my wisdom teeth removed and all I got was this lousy pint of Haagen Daaz.)
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