Sorry to Disappoint
A sampling of the search words that led people to this site:
Killeen trick or treating
turd floater rain
taiwan playgirl
chests for Demint [chests???]
zack attack did we ever have a chance
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Waco Woes
How come basketball players never killed each other, space shuttles never broke up over Central Texas skies, and black hawks never crashed into TV towers while I was around?
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AOL Ad: It is SO Hot Right Now
Well, I think it's hot, anyway. Notably, becuase of that dude who goes, "You know what would be awesome, is if my computer could make the sound of a yeti."
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Moving On Up
Some changes to the blogger/DMA rankings list to the right.

As many know, my lovely Prescott Drive roomate is Charlotte-bound, to work at the Observer. Says Fiscus, "It's a really good copy-editing paper." There she can watch Belo's NBC affiliate, WCNC.

Speaking of Belo NBC affiliates, (of which there are few - most Belo stations are CBS) Scott is headed for KGW. This allows me to add a new market (24,Portland) to the list.

And as if there weren't enough of us getting pimped by AH Belo, Goodloe's now in Dallas, bringing you the Morning News.
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Holiday Cheer
"Now, I don't think you can easily get a pop culture writing gig at a newspaper. However, if you want to do entertainment reporting on TV... I would suggest getting on a reality show and doing really well." -News4 Photojournalist J@son C@ncel

"I hope there's some Thanksgiving Day Massacre or something, where a bunch of people die and stuff." -Mr. Stiles, lamenting having to work on Thanksgiving
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This Year, Kickin' it in G-S-P
Feeling nostalgic for the days at ol' Mizzou, when Thanksgiving meant cramming for exams at Country Kitchen with the help of my brother's ADD medicine, whining about how cold Missouri got in late November, and actually getting to see la familia come Thursday night.
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Cheese, Please
Hey, anyone interested in a grilled cheese sandwich?
But not ANY grilled cheese sandwich.
This grilled cheese sandwich comes with an image of the Virgin Mary.
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Who Green Lighted That?
I'm sitting here watching Laguna Beach..(what is this Laguna Beach, anyhow? I mean, is it like a fake reality show? That's an oxymoron. But I think that's what it is).. and I see a promo for a Nick and Jessica Christmas Special. Mr St!les will be excited to hear little sister Ashlee will be joining in.
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Braggin' Rights
So, I'm covering the tailgating at the big Clemson/Carolina game today and it looks like a brawl just broke out on the field. Oops, I'm already back in the newsroom, after logging too many hours in parking lot hell. (Tailgating is not so fun if you don't actually get to participate.)
Thanks to this assignment, I got to pee in a winnebago for the first time. Stellar experience.
Looks like Clemson has it.
Bye bye, Lou Holtz.
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Bill's New Library
So, it looks like the Fayetteville airport. Same architect, perhaps?

Not Much Happening
Suffering from post-election, mid-sweeps hangover. Not quite reaching Waco depths when it comes to story ideas, but getting close. Tonight, a Toys For Tots kickoff event.

"Um, I'm married now. And have a kid..."
This is why I should keep up with my friends better. My afternoon conversation went like this:
ME: Yeah, so, I just got done with the elections, and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.
HIM: My baby just turned six months.
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A Houston radio station whose call letters I can't recall has a 90's flashback night every week. I was lucky enough to happen upon this programming wonder and caught the following jewels while riding to Wal-Mart:

"I'll Make Love to You" Boyz II Men
"Til I Hear it From You" Gin Blossoms

And the highlight of my night...
"How Do You Talk to an Angel?" The Heights

That's right, The Heights, whose lead singer was that guy who played Donna's abusive boyfriend on 90210.
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My Asian-American brethren and wannabes will be excited to know that this weekend, I am going to Houston to get that shaved ice stuff with random jello and condensed milk stuff that goes on top.

Stuck in Second Gear
There's nothing worse than being in a bad mood and then getting sent to cover a Veteran's Day church service for the evening.
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Good Thing This Blog Has No Theme
It allows me to link to action shots like these, of Tara Reid's wardrobe malfunction.
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"Team Coverage," et al.
Annoying TV News Terms:
Now to our other top story
Turned up missing
Listen up,
Lucky to be alive
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Re: Sweeps
In honor of this special time of the year, I bring you part of the transcript from "that one Saturday Night Live" where Jerry Seinfeld did a spoof on local news.

Connor Stands: Our top stories tonight: the president has been assassinated. But president of what? We'll tell you in the next half-hour.

Also tonight... a common household item - something we all have in our homes and are probably using right now - is found to be full of lethal poison. We'll tell you what it is at the end of the hour. Taffy?

Taffy Davenport: Also: a psychopathic sex criminal makes a prison break, threatening to kill the person he meets in a large public area.

Connor Stands: More news on that presidential assassination: he will be replaced by the Vice-President. But Vice-President of what? We'll tell you after the break.
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Elections End, Sweeps Starts
Happy sweeps to my TV news cohorts.
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At this weekend's Halloween bash:
Jabari the dead ape (shot and killed by DPD)
An outsourced Indian worker
Two swing states

Speaking of Swing States
Here's to hoping we have a president by January.
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