Reason #424 Mr. Stiles Needs to Move Here ASAP
The flat tire in Smithville that resulted in him driving with a dummy spare until he could get to the Discount Tire in Bastrop. Oh, and having to get directions from the dude with the "Robert E Lee #1 Rebel" tattoo probably isn't the best thing, either.
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Premiere! FINALLY.
The Office finally came back for season four. Can I just say, "PB&J" is AWESOME. Why didn't I think of that? That's too cute. So are they.
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Look Out, Big Tex
The State Fair of Texas opens this weekend in Dallas. Every year I get excited about the fair because I love walking around with a gigantic turkey leg as Stiles puts away a bunch of corn dogs without sharing.

The fair already features such modern classics as Fried Oreos, Fried Key Lime Pie, and Fried Twinkies. But new this year? Zesty Fried Guacamole Bites!

I love fried stuff, and I love guac. This sounds like the best hybrid since McDonald's french fries met McDonald's soft serve ice cream. (Don't pretend you don't love it, too.)
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Shrinking City
The City of Austin has more people in it than places like Atlanta, Seattle and Boston... yet somehow I manage to run into "Mike the Architect" from that yuppie party AGAIN? How did this even happen?

He waited for me to walk by, and then he goes, "You're not really a reporter, are you?"

Oh, Mike the Architect. Touche.
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Like Sands Through the Hourglass, So Are The Men of My Week
The Fred visit went pretty well, though he's a pro so he didn't actually say anything that would make news. Wayne Sl@ter was a little upset that Thompson only granted an interview with one member of the Austin press corps and it wasn't with him. (I didn't request an exclusive with Thompson, however... they just randomly called me. Or maybe not so randomly, I dunno.)

Now to the important news. I got a small group of friends together to see The Belleville Outfit, which is the new incarnation of Spartanburg's The DesChamps Band, which Chip and I discovered during a story back in 2004.

The boys played upstairs at Lambert's, a upscale barbecue place on 2nd. Who was downstairs at the bar? A very shaggy looking LUKE WILSON.

My friend B: Luke Wilson's downstairs.
Me: What? No way!
B: He looks like he's having a rough night.
Me: We should go get a picture with him.
B: Not doin' it. His brother just tried to commit suicide.
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Brain Storm
I have a one-on-one tomorrow morning with Fred Thompson. Possible questions:

-Who do you see as the tougher opponent: Alan Keyes or Gary Bauer?

-What is that thing on Dick Wolf's forehead?
Follow up: Anyway to lance that thing right off?

-Te gusta nadar?
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Warren Goes to Joe's

I believe the servers still do the macarena at Joe's Crab Shack, but apparently it wasn't too cheesy (or just cheesy enough) for Drew Barrymore and her (rumored) new boyfriend, Justin Long aka "I'm Mac, not PC" aka Warren Cheswick from Ed.

Perez Hilton posted this pic of Justin (and in another shot, Drew) with employees of Joe's Crab Shack Austin. I'm guessing they were here for ACL fest, because so were 65,000 other out-of-towners.
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Men of the Week: Rock Stars
Fitz, my redheaded cat, who is on the lam
General Petraeus
Bill Clinton, who visited ATX Friday
Bob "Must Get Stoned" Dylan, two ATX shows in one rockin' weekend

Snippet from Stiles
"Dude, you live in the ghetto." -as we watched my neighbors place the contents of their house on the front lawn
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What a Tangled Web We Weave
Craven the Craven found out about something called "NetParty", some mixer thing for yuppies. For me, it just meant "another free happy hour with little snacky empanada things", so I said I'd go and be his wingman.

As these yuppie mixer things go, you have to be on the list and get a nametag when you walk in. Only, NetParty nametags had a twist -- you had to say what you did, too. We thought maybe people started making up professions, i.e., it's "cool" to be an architect, so maybe people just said they were architects. That's until I met "Mike/Architect" who even had a business card to prove his identity.
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Seriously, folks
I can't believe I managed to convince them to let me do this, but I now have my own political blog on our station's website. But don't worry, 67 Degrees isn't going anywhere, after all, the earliest incarnations of this blog began in 2001, when these things were still called "web journals".

Now I have two platforms to wax irreverent. Double the blogging, double the fun.
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Britney's Bomb
Britney's 2001 self-titled album featured a little known song called "Bombastic Love", which was sort of catchy, I guess. Anyway, it's fitting now to describe last night's big "comeback" performance as "bombastic". Seriously, Britney's VMA performance last night -- worse, worser or worst?

I had the same feelings watching this as I did watching Gov. Bill Richardson incorrectly answer the "Is homosexuality a choice" question in a gay issues forum a few weeks ago. Sort of like watching a baby seal actually club itself.

At times she just wandered aimlessly around the stage, not even trying to lip sync. It was as if she was just making up this dance routine on the fly. I thought at one point she would just wander off the stage right in the middle of the song, which wouldn't have been so bad.
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Nathan's Branches into Candy Market
Now, I love hot dogs. I love, love, LOVE hot dogs. And I LOVE gummy bears. But a hot dog gummy? I dunno.

This was discovered while Dad and I were shopping at Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, which were conveniently located right next to each other.
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Working Me
My station's website featured this headline this morning:
Report: U.S. workers are most productive
To which I say, NO EFFING WAY! In my house, Jose works twice as hard for half the price as Darrell and Darrell Junior!

I guess this would all make sense if immigrants working in the United States are considered "US Workers".
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