Game On!
Soliciting all players! I just started a Fantasy Congress league. It's like fantasy football, only your players are congressmen and you win points when legislation passes. We will do the draft after election day. If you want to join, please email me!

Snippet from Stiles: We're in Texas, all right!
"Dude, there's a car dealership here that's giving away a free shotgun if you buy a car."
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Costume Creations
Some creative costumes seen at Dave's Halloween bash:
- Myspace page
- Bursted housing bubble
- Dallas TV reporter S@rah Dodd and the Dallas Police Chief (The real Sarah and Police Chief are, in spite of obvious conflicts of interest, dating)

And as you can see, we went as a plug and socket.

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RE: Mr. Way Too Liberal for Texas Guy
The Bell campaign manager responded to the Perry radio spot!
"We think it's hilarious," Stanford said. "I want to be ultra, super clear: Chris Bell likes beer. Chris Bell is a very pro-beer candidate."
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Is Budweiser Gonna Have a Problem With This?
The incumbent Republican governor's campaign just released a new radio ad, derivative of Bud Light's super popular (and super hilarious) "Real American Heroes/Real Men of Genius" campaign.

Announcer: Presenting…

Singer: Real Washington liberals

Announcer: Today we salute you, Mr. Way Too Liberal for Texas Guy

Singer: Mr. Way Too Liberal for Texas Guy!

Announcer: Only you, Chris Bell, could vote for higher taxes ten times in congress, and despite a record state surplus, run for governor on a platform of raising taxes.

Singer: This ain’t Taxachusetts!

Chorus: Taxachusetts!

Announcer: Congressman Bell, only you could vote to make it hard to deport terrorists then support sanctuary for illegal immigrants so the law can’t ask a person’s legal status.

Singer: Don’t ask, don’t tell!

Announcer: And you voted to let the United Nations oversee elections in America because no one stands up for democracy like the French.

Singer: Je m’appelle Christophe Bell! (My name is Chris Bell)

Announcer: So wear your fancy beret with pride, Congressman Bell… liberals everywhere salute you.

I would link you to the mp3, but that would mean linking to R!ck Perry's website, which could mean paperwork for me.
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How Hard Can It Be?
I just got back from a debate for a US House seat in Texas, where I was one of seven panelists from the press. (Seemed like a tribunal, a candidate later said). Anyway, homegirl from the League of Women voters called me "Elsie" once, and pronounced my last name "Huey" twice. ARRRRGH.
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Another Reason Austin Rocks: The Homeless Have a Sense of Humor
A panhandler on my way to work uses several different signs to get people to give him a buck -- yesterday's messages:

"Training to become ninja. Please donate for karate lessons"
"Why live in a $200,000 house when you can live under a $2,000,000 bridge?"
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The Real Donna Moss
If you watched The West Wing, you know the character of Donna Moss, who was hopelessly devoted to Bartlett White House Chief of Staff Josh Lyman.
When series creator Aaron Sorkin did his research for the show, he visited the Clinton White House. There he met staffer He@ther Beckel, who is now the press secretary for Texas gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell.

Photo courtesy Hea*her Beckel
Her "Josh" was George Stephanopolous. Sorkin has been quoted saying that when he met Heather, he told her it must be incredible to work for the President:

"And she said, 'Oh, I don't work for the president. I work for George. George is my sunrise and sunset.' And I thought, Now imagine blowing off the president to say I work for him. I want to write that woman."

All right, so she looks nothing like Janel Maloney. But I guess we should argue that Janel Maloney looks nothing like Heather.
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Caption Me
South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Rudolph Andreas "Andre" Bauer
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Laguna Beach Season 3: LAME
DUDE: What's that bracelet say? Live and love? Do you live and do you love?
GIRL: I love you.
DUDE: Do you?
GIRL: Yeah.
DUDE: (After a long pause) I love you too.
GIRL: How do you know?
DUDE: Because I feel it.
Cut to emo music and dinner party scene

That's deeeep, dude.
Saved By the Bell kicked Laguna Beach's ASS! It seemed so much more... real. I think I'm dunzo with LB.
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To Be or Not To Be
Dave is throwing the annual Halloween party now, since our dear friend Vikas departed for New York more than a year ago. Stiles and I got second place for "best couple costume" back in 2004 when we came as Ari and Uzi Tenenbaum. (We lost to a couple that dressed up as "Swing States".)

This year, I just can't think of anything good and not too offensive. If you have a costume suggestion besides Osama bin Laden and his defibrillator or Mark Foley and teenage page, please let me know.
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Friday Night Showdown: What the Cameras Didn't Catch

Donde esta?: After the debate, the candidates came out to spin alley to address the assembled media. Only, Governor Perry sent his spokesman instead. They did pass around a press release, but it didn't stop some print guy from yelling "Where's the Governor" over and over.

Ironically: The Bell camp, proud of their technical win of the night and even prouder that some Houston trial lawyer said he'd be donating millions in the next month, ended up getting together for post-debate drinks at a Dallas restaurant called Perry's.

Bush White House Dropouts: Scott McClellan never spoke for his mom, but made the rounds to say hi to all his old tormenters from the Texas political press. Karen Hughes, apparently in town for the UT-OU game, said she didn't even watch the debate when we ran into her at the hotel bar. Here's a shot of Karen talking with some print reporters.

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Off to the Big D...
Some of us will head up to the Belo compound tomorrow to cover the only debate between the candidates for governor. Some things I'm looking forward to:

1. Just learned that Aaron Sorkin's inspiration for the character of Donna Moss is none other than Democratic nominee Chris Bell's press secretary. Gotta put that to the truth test.

2. Post-debate spin. Strayhorn's son Scott McClellan, formerly of the Bush White House and star of "The David Gregory-Scott McClellan Showdown" may be spinning for his mom.

If I have internet access, I'll be checking in...
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Not A Family Blog for a Reason
And the reason is this - the Mark Foley story cracks me up, and this should be a forum to repost some of the IMs, doggone it! Actually, you've probably already seen or heard about most of the nasty stuff. I read one of the longer IM exchanges and my favorite part was the end:
Maf54 (8:10:22 PM): still stiff

Xxxxxxxxx (8:10:28 PM): ya

Maf54 (8:10:40 PM): take it out

Xxxxxxxxx (8:10:54 PM): brb…my mom is yelling

Xxxxxxxxx (8:16:53 PM): well i better go finish my hw…i just found out from a friend that i have to finish reading and notating a book for AP english
I am picturing the page wrapping up his dirty convo with the congressman/crusader against internet porn and going straight back to highlighting Walden. WTF? Kids these days!
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