It's 3 a.m. I Must Be Lonely...
Last night Collective Soul and Rob Thomas (formerly of Matchbox 20 turned Matchbox Twenty) played an outdoor concert. I went, because it was free. And let's face it, now that Grey's Anatomy is off for the summer, I have nothing else better to do. The concert basically sounded like a medley of 1990's hits. (Don't tell me you don't remember that 8th grade anthem, "Shine".)
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Men of the Week
Make that one man--Gulfman. We miss you.

Snippet from Stiles of the Week
"Haiti's out. Machetes. And let's try to avoid places with rebels." -on where to go for summer vacation
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Gotta Love Live TV
My friend "The Beam" works in Fayetteville-Fort Smith, Arkansas. Recently, an anchor at one of her competitors had an oral emergency in the middle of the broadcast. Karma is probably gonna kick me in the ass for posting this, but I wanted to share.

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An American Idol Post
Sometimes I just don't get how Idol became so popular. The little segments when the contestants all sing together belong in a new stratosphere of ridiculous. It was already bad in the earlier shows, watching uncoordinated guys like Elliot get forced into Ford-sponsored musical dance numbers. But tonight's "Time of My Life" performance caused me some serious discomfort. Katharine and Taylor, bent over and facing each other, pumping their asses up and down? Yikes! I'd take an episode of Mama's Family over that.
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We take a break from our usual sassiness
...to mourn the loss of a friend and longtime News 4 photographer.

Chris Gulfman died this weekend. He passed out Friday morning and never woke up. A tumor inside his head had burst, though no one, including him, knew such a tumor existed. He was 34.
"When we care about someone... our first instinct is to reject the idea of death. Most people want to leave open at least a small window of opportunity for survival. Perhaps the real miracle - the one that matters to all of us, whether we know it or not - is that so many of us are still capable of caring so much." -Jane Schwartz, The New York Times, this morning
My station's TV tribute

Remembering Gulfman across the blogosphere:

Rapid Eye Reality
World Wide Lens
Up for Anything
Zippy Hendirez 3.0
Stacey Michelle
Little Lost Robot
Up for Poker
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This weekend, I'm trading in the dry heat of Tucson for the humid, I-need-to-shower-multiple-times-a-day heat of Houston. Just an update in case the blog posts are missing for a few days.
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On Journalism
NYTimes reports journalism is getting suckier but it's not stopping kids from going to J-school in Columbia, MO.

On Bad Journalism
SCENE: Brother Roger and I are riding to the airport. It's 472 degrees fahrenheit. I am complaining that the AC doesn't seem to work in his car. He changes the subject.

RH: Dude, did you see any of the TV news here? It sucks! Man, they can't make it through the show without screwing some shit up man, it's horrible.
EH: Wait. You WATCH local news?
RH: Yeah, I watch CNBC most the day and then I change it to the news here to see who got shot up.
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How Does That Vitamin C Song Go Again?
TUCSON - Little brother has graduated from college. The commencement address was better than the one at my graduation, but a dialtone would have been better than our guy. I'll never forget one of the speaker's "life tips" was to do aerobic exercise. He followed up that tip with examples of exercise. "For example, kayaking."
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Feliz Cumpleanos

Happy Birthday to my caterpillar climbing partner. Here's to many more years of climbing large, concrete insects together. I love you!
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A Fun Frolick
So, if you're looking for a place to take a summer vacation, might I suggest Big Bone Lick State Park? It's conveniently located on Beaver Road. Seriously.
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Men of the Week Returns
Danny Concannon
Joe Biden
Steve Nash
J Woodward (Congrats on surviving law school)

...So Does The Snippet
"So I just had a thought. If you shot a man in Reno just to watch him die, how would you wind up in Folsom Prison? Marinate on that for a little while."
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Jack Meets Joe
Covered the biennial Galivants Ferry Stump yesterday... it's old school politicking, man. The event's been around since 1876. Candidates stump from the porch of a general store in a town without a stoplight.

Never one to miss an opportunity to mug for the media, Hottest US Senator finalist Joe Biden showed up.

Don't we make a happy couple? I've been hearing about his hairplugs, and meant to check them out up close, but I was so mesmerized by his baby blue eyes that I couldn't concentrate.
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Mr. Reddy Meets Mr. Rummy
Friend-of-67-Degrees Mr. Reddy ran into defense secretary Donald "In Denial" Rumsfeld, this weekend. This is his account:
"He walks really slow. So I decided to walk around him, but I bumped into him on accident, so I said, 'Excuse me' and he said 'Oh, I'm sorry."

If you were expecting a more exciting story, sorry, that's all I got.
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