Calling Matthews a Mofo?
Chris Matthews: How'd you get the Astros out of their ballpark?
Gov. Rick Perry: Well, they're actually playing at a place called Minute Maid Park now. Welcome to this year in baseball, Chris.
[end of interview]
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7-1-3 Shout Out
Bush, on moving refugees out of the squalid Superdome:
"I want to thank the state of Texas, and particularly Harris County and the city of Houston and officials with the Houston Astrodome..."

Maybe Li'l Webbie will perform?

Lest We Forget
In Iraq, the deadliest day
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Can't... Breathe
Started feeling "off" late yesterday afternoon. When I woke up at half past noon all parched, I realized there was no air coming in and no CO2 coming out of my nose. Not cool. Going to be on the couch indefinitely.
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Intelligent Life on Earth
hatchling42: according to the nyt, one in five americans thinks the sun revolves around the earth
hatchling42: so i am thinking about killing myself
hatchling42: or the one in five americans
hatchling42: if i can identify them
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Belated Men of the Week
Buster L@wson
Frank Rich
Carl Quintanilla (looking hot and staying cool while getting pelted by sideways rain)

Inspirational Quote of the Week: Katrina Edition
"We were really getting pounded hard." - CNN's Rob Marciano

A Long Cloud?
Spent the weekend in Houston with Mattman. We didn't get pounded hard. But I blame Katrina for making our usual Sunday afternoon beach disappear under huge waves and nasty seaweed. I suppose it was also Katrina's fault I flew through a 986 mile cloud to get home. Felt a little claustraphobic, cutting through the cloud for two hours.
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Market Size Me
Nielsen's released this year's DMA rankings! (Changes to my blog bar coming.)
Note that Houston knocked Detroit out of the top ten. In honor of the move, a little H-town trivia: Houston is home to Lil' Webbie, who sings that one song that goes, "Girrrrrrl, gimme that."
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Mini-Crisis Averted
Earlier today, I stopped by Chik-Fil-A for one of those chicken biscuit breakfasts, but realized my wallet was missing! No sign of it at work, at home, in car, in photographer Greg's car. Last place I used it was at a restaurant (if you want to call it that) in Enoree, South Carolina. (For a mental image, think lots of grease everywhere, and no central AC.)
The place wasn't open at eight a.m., so I called the unofficial mayor of Enoree, a man by the name of Buster L@wson. (Yes, Buster is his real name.) He waited until opening time, and personally stopped by the "restaurant". He found my little red wallet.
Now all I have to do is meet him at his AA meeting at the First Baptist Church to get my wallet back. I hope they don't make me stay for the meeting.
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Offending Appetites
Some Chicagoans are finding a beef stand's "ghetto fries" a name that's hard to stomach.
I don't know about ghetto fries, but I'm all for some barrio burritos.
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Forgot My Anniversary
Whoa! So I hit my one-year mark at my station on August 16 and I totally forgot to mention it. I've already lasted longer here than I did in Satan's Lair, I mean, Waco.
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Walter Mondale
Uncle Charles
Ne@l Justin, convention chair
ABC's Eric Horng (But I don't acknowledge the "r" in his last name. If his name is pronounced "Hong" like "Kong"... what's the "r" all about?)

"Rule Number 76. No excuses, play like a champion." -Wedding Crashers
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More from Minneapolis
When I planned to go to AAJA, I expected to see a lot of people, a lot of panels, and a lot of news directors. But what I really saw was a lot of Los Angeles TV anchors (in their forties) making out with 19 year old college students at the bars. Whoa.

Newly Aquired Fear
Escalators used to top the list of things I am irrationally scared of, but now it's revolving doors. Minneapolis has lots of them, and I keep worrying my timing will be off a beat and I'll get smashed.
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Convention Bloggin' It 2005
Former Vice President Walter Mondale spoke at our lunch yesterday. He sat at a table with one of those name cards in front of him, so after his speech I went up and swiped it. Thought it would look good in my cube at work.
Then, since I'd already swiped it anyway, I went up to him and had him autograph it. I am now the proud owner of a Mondale autographed Mondale namecard.
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Annual Asian Invasion
It's AAJA National Convention week! This year it's in Minneapolis. (Don't ask me why they're having a convention for Asian Americans in one of the whitest places in the country.)
The laptop's not coming with. But like last year, I should be convention blogging when I can get to a computer.
Serendipitously, Dad will be in the Twin Cities, going fishing with Uncle Charles, (one of the 14 Asians in Minnesota). Fishing sounds so NERDY, but I'm going to a journalism convention, so who am I to talk?
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In the Spirit of Spederline, Bennifer, TomKat, et al.

You can call us "Matteese", or "Stu".
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Men of the Week: The Men at Work Edition
My boss, back at work
Keith Olbermann, also back
Lt. Mark L@mb, cracks the case
Brad Diaz, shot while shooting BJ Spears

Inspiration: The "Awwwww" Edition
"After a while, you just want to be with the one who makes you laugh." -"Mr. Big" in Sex and the City
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Six-and-a-half Inches of Pure Pain
On the menu at Ike's, a mom-and-pop burger joint down the street:
The Turbo Dog.
That would be a hot dog, wrapped in bacon, dipped in batter and deep-fried.
Chip got one today, as a side item to his burger and fries.
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Two Clicks? Two Clicks?
I've replaced the Haloscan comments feature with Blogger's comments, because Haloscan comments seem to disappear after 90 days or something. But now it takes two clicks to get to the comments window, and I'd like to reduce that to one. Anyone know how to do that?
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It's Sunday! You Know What That Means...
(Men of the Week!)

Ben Shpigel, now employed by an obscure paper in the Northeast
Sir Purr the Panther
Sir Deep Reddy, who's organizing our "family" trip to the Bahamas
Tom Lukiwski, beating out a bevy of female beauties for "Hottest Canadian MP Not Counting Ken Dryden"

Wuss of the Week
Robert Novak. Enough said.

Inspiration from Charlie Kaufman
"If my ass wasn't fat I would be happier. I wouldn't have to wear these shirts with the tails out all the time. Like that's fooling anyone. Fat ass." -Adaptation
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Just Another Day on the Job
Today at work I dropped off a hooker at a convenience store, then told my friend Gr@bell about it.

Me: I had a prostitute in my car.
Him: Was she good?
Me: She didn't have any teeth.
Him: Then she must have been really good.
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This teenager was walking into CVS when he saw me practicing my British accent in my rearview mirror. Yeah, awkward moment.
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"Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant..."
A belated blog congratulations to my Waco pals Ryan and Andi, who are getting married next February! On their wedding website, you can take a quiz to see how well you know the couple. Never one to turn down a quiz, I started taking it, and I was going along just fine, when I came across this question:

4. If Andi was a castmember of the "Golden Girls," who would she be?

That totally cracks me up.
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