Sprint PCSuck
Did the Spring PCS customer service dude just get huffy at me? I think he did. And after being transferred to a supervisor, they hung up on me. God forbid I call about a random sixty dollar charge on TOP of my already obscene $113 bill.
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Um, Still Here
As hurricanes tend to do, Jeanne turned. She spared Charleston, which rendered our trip plans useless. Now Jeanne is headed for the Upstate, so we stayed put.

Mexican Food in South Carolina
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Another Day, Another Hurricane
Yet again, a Hurricane pisses all over my weekend plans. I was headed to D tomorrow to see the man, until I got this call:

BOSS: Hi. How would you like to go to a party?
EH: What party?
BOSS: A party for a woman named Jeanne. It is on the beach.
EH: Will I get to bring my swim suit?
BOSS: You'll be swimming whether you have a swim suit or not.
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Heavens, No!!!
Is there no end to the madness?
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Hopping On It!
So, there's this church here in the area that calls itself "Thee Bunny R@nch." If it really is a church, it's not like any church you've ever seen. Guests by appointment only. Barbed wire. Entrance with a modest donation of 300 bones. Open 4pm to 4am. As our Fox competitors put it foxily, "You’re more likely to see a penthouse of sin - not a house of worship. Instead of a rectory, recliners. No bibles, just bars and a bed."
Now that law enforcement's looking into it, the managers have me looking into it, too. I don't know how I am supposed to go about getting into a brothel.
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Outrage of the Day
Sphinx kitties go for fifteen hundred dollars? What? Why? They look like bats without wings.
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Back in the 'Burg
Scene: Thursday morning. Phone awakens E to the H. "Yeah, pack your bags for a few days, we think we're going to have you go to North Carolina again..."

After being pelted by driving rain while live in a quickly rising river, checking into a Sleep Inn by candlelight and going without power indefinitely, being hungry enough to eat the fried chicken from a Citgo, and numerous live hits from Macon, Henderson, Buncombe Counties, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Swannanoa River, and the NC-TN state line, we have finally returned to Spa Burg.

More Randomness:
Our friendly competition left a Channel 7 hat on our car this morning. What are we, in eighth grade?
Autographed a McDonald's napkin for a lady while scarfing down my Chicken McNuggets. Hey, the golden arches beat gas station chicken, that's all I gotta say.
Chip's cigarette count? Something like 1592.
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Speaking of Sexy Newscasters
Olbermann won! My boyfriend Bill tied for fifth sexiest with one Andy Rooney. Errr...
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I don't know if it's just me, but it looks like Julie Chen, (who hosts Big Brother and CBS' Early Show) has undergone more than just makeup changes since she was first on the tube.
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My Kind of Radio
"Let's see if I can't work in some Uncle Tupelo and Ike Turner," said the deejay on 88.7, broadcasting from the campus of Isothermal Community College in Spindale, NC.
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Ivan Watch
The rivers are starting to return to their banks and Asheville is starting to get its water service back. Things would be good if not for this, from our station today:
"While the storm's eventual path has varied with each forecast from the National Hurricane Center, every forecast over the last three days has indicated the storm will eventually visit the western Carolinas."
Chip said to mentally prepare, because our upcoming weekend is basically shot. Wall-to-wall, baby!
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Notes from the Road
My photographer Chip and I have camped out in a sat truck in Appalachia for the past few days. Asheville NC lost water service because all the floodwater busted water mains. Yeah. Sucks. The memorable moments that DIDN'T get recorded:

- After a twelve hour day in the rain, mistaking the coffee pot for the salad dressing, drenching my salad with java.
- The City of Asheville's "hold" music? "Let it Be," as played on a xylophone.
- Floodwater overtaking the streets, some bright teens found a steel door to use as a raft to float around in toxic water.
- The viewer lady who pulled up beside me to say, "You was in the floooood!"
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Frances Franchise
Hey, anyone want some collectible WIND from Hurricane Frances? It's available on Ebay.
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Weather Woes
Now that Frances has hammered/battered/pummeled most of Florida, WESH-TV in Orlando started a message board for people to share their Frances experiences.
But some were more eager to share their TV news watching experiences, instead.

Like this guy, for instance:
"O.K. The next reporter I hear talking about 'The calm before the storm' I'm gonna hunt them down and blow up there microphone."
Brian Bartling, Orlando Fl.

To Brian:
I'm down with you on the cliched "calm before the storm." But people in glass houses where they still confuse their "their" with "there" should not throw stones.
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Don't Talk to Strangers
Even if it's at the office vending machine.
SCENE: EH in break room, standing at vending machine. ENTER stranger (SR) from somewhere inside the office.
EH: I'm getting a Dr Pepper. Think I'm having caffeine withdrawals.
SR: I'm having beef withdrawals.
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Blame it on the Rain
The whole station's abuzz over Frances. We're waiting to go wall-to-wall, as they say, as Frances churns in the Atlantic. Crews are already in Charleston for stories... and HALF THE STAFF is ON-CALL all Labor Day weekend.
Zippy has more.
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