Sucks to be this guy.
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Abandonment Issues
Looks like Friendster was just a summer fling, for many.
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Men of the Week
Dad (who's visiting this week)
Tim Russert
The White Markerboard
Bob Costas
Manu Ginobili (Congrats, and btw, YOU'RE EXTREMELY HOT)
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Tim Russert and his little white marker board are back! My favorite TV moment EVER: Election Night 2000, when the short hand rounded four, and Tom, Katie and Tim were still holding down the desk. Tom untucked his shirt and whipped out some saltines and ate them on air. Russert was still doing markerboard computations. Weeee!
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1. My number one man has decided to start a blog (short for "web log"). He writes for cash. But the blog's free.
2. Center Stage is on Oxygen right now. How can I turn away from an ALL Mandy Moore soundtrack?
3. Sign up for Smarter Living email alerts for low fares to domestic destinations.
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Pin the Name on the Kitty
My coworker rescued a one-week-old cat from the grassy knoll in Dallas and brought him here to SC. Since he's a Texan, I think it's fated for him to come live with me, despite me not being a "cat person."
Mr Stiles and Supdeep vote for calling him Oswald, though I think it too dark to name a cat after an assassin. I'm in favor of "Casey McCall Hu", but then that makes no reference to the grassy knoll bit. So I think he's still "unnamed cat" for now.

For Anyone Who Cares
Nielsen has released this year's TV DMA's (designated market areas), aka, the only quantitative way for television newsies to measure their status and compare themselves to others in an entirely self destructive way.
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Crawford: Better or worse than Kennebunkport?
From an online chat:
Crawford is way better. Actually, we stay in nearby Waco. It has 4 -- count
'em 4 -- Starbucks locations now, a big Barnes & Noble, and a state-of-the-art gym we can use at Baylor University. Uncle Dan's brisket and the Gut-Pack at Vitek's BBQ beat a Maine lobster roll any day. And there's never any traffic on the way to the beach here. OK, so there isn't a beach here.

Well, I'm with her on the Uncle Dan's BBQ.
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Locations in Our Viewing Area
- West Finger St.
- Lickville Presbyterian Church
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Now Showing
Quick, grab your remotes. The Laci Peterson E! True Hollywood Story. Says one of our producers: "I feel bad about saying this, but doesn't it seem like Scott Peterson gets hotter by the day?"
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Re: The Crab
The Beam's first response: "Cracker? Is that intentionally racist??"
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Southern Hospitality
Just as the photog and I were ready to go home and get the weekend started, we got a call about a stabbing 45 minutes away. Turns out the dude was killed with that utensil you use to grill burgers. The handle was sticking out of one side of his neck, the metal part sticking out of the other. To make it more grisly, he'd been dead on his couch in an un-airconditioned home since Monday night. Maggots all over the place.
Welcome to my new home!
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It's About a Tiny Crab
My new station's main anchor moonlights as a children's book author. He wrote a book called Cr@cker the Cr@b and the Sideways Afternoon. An excerpt:
"And the sea was warm. And the spray was soft. And the air tasted very, very good."
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Sparkle City
Greetings from my new home of Spartanburg, SC. Spent 12.5 hours on the road and one night in Jackson, Mississippi. Alabama was pretty. Am sleeping on the floor until the movers decide to arrive.
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Where's E?
SOMEWHERE ON INTERSTATE 20 -- She's in NASCAR country, Alabama, about to stop at a Texaco filling station to buy a copy of the Anniston Star, America's best small newspaper. There's a Subway sandwich shop inside. Bonus.

Things E forgot to take on her cross-country trek...
* One jug, Snuggle fabric softener.
* One jug, Tide laundry detergent.
* One silver necklace.
* One silver earring.
* One mobile phone charger.

Still searching for other forgotten items.

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45,201,600 Minutes
Octogenarian Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes fame is not shy about his age. When getting arrested last night, he reportedly shouted, "I'm 86 years old! I'm 86 years old!"
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The moving men showed just minutes after I posted of their absence. Both surprised me when they emerged from the van and towered just above my waist. And, I found it amusing when one of the movers told me his name was Juan Martinez but looked more like a Jonathan Becker (or something else real White).

Open Call
The goodbye soiree's at Chuy's in Dallas tonight. Chuy's in Austin is the one made famous when the Bush twins decided they'd slip under the radar and NOT get caught underage drinking there.
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Question of the Morning
WHERE are my moving men??

Nirvana Unplugged and the first Weezer CD. Treasures of my seventh grade year. Today, classics.

Another seventh grade fave, Greenday's Dookie. WTF? I'm a "basketcase". HA. Oh, what Tim joke.
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When Groupthink Goes Awry
I yanked on Sudeep's arm so he wouldn't stand up when three quarters of the purported JOURNALISTS at the Unity Convention gave Kerry a standing ovation. This, 24 hours before they stiffed Bush. I thought maybe we should at least try and APPEAR neutral, I don't know, being journalists and all. Later someone chased me down in the job fair and said he was sitting behind me and saw me pull S-Deep down. He then said I was "a stupid little Republican sh*t." (He looked relieved when I said I was voting Kerry/Edwards.)
The press buzz from last week's hot and cold responses to Kerry and Bush, respectively.
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Playing Through Pain
What am I supposed to do about a hugeass canker sore? Isn't there some home remedy to treat my malady? It all started LAST Monday when I bit the inside of my lip... more than once... and now the HUGE GAPING WOUND won't go away.

Back in Waco
Yep, that's all I have to say about that.
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More Conventioning It
Some highlights:
-Kerry rocking the house (No, seriously.)
-Crashing Belo's reception, where they provided free booze, but not enough to quell the room from buzzing about the breaking circulation number scandal at The News...
-Running into some of my long lost friendsters
-Freebies from the job fair, i.e. lots of clicky pens, food, assorted office supplies
-Not having to look for a job at said job fair
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The Endless Schmooze Stream
It's super convention, so the power-mingling is on. I followed up my half-ass workshop attendance with the convention's opening ceremonies, and then the Mizzou Reception at a boutique hotel. Goodl0e and Geneva Overholser made plans to "do lunch," several of us caught up with familiar faces like infamous broadcast prof Greel*y Kyle, and I finally met my agent face-to-face. (He's already collecting my checks, so it's about time.) Had American food in Chinatown, then sangria in the suburbs.
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Convention Bloggin'
We're in Washington for the Unity Convention. Unity's the alliance of four minority journalism organizations - AAJA, NABJ, NAJA and NAHJ.
7,000 people are pre-registered, another few thousand are expected to register on-site. Needless to say, I'll be adrift in a sea of humanity for the next few days. It's already underway. My roommates have left to attend a workshop headed by one Brant Houston of Old Missouri. I have decided to lay out by the pool. I sure know how to get my money's worth... Errr...
More to come.
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The District
Last time I was here - about six months ago - the weather was cold, dry and oppressive. Now, the weather is hot, humid and oppresive. Mother Nature doesn't seem to throw this place a bone.
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Washington Week
Looking forward to seeing The Fisc and Goodl0e this week in DC. Will be there for the Unity Journalism Convention, featuring all kinds of boozing, schmoozing, a little J talk and some no name speakers from Massachusetts and Texas.

What I WON'T Miss (about life in C. Texas)
Though these are far outnumbered by things I WILL miss, I'd be REmiss not to mention I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to...
-My coworkers forgetting my name/job title/various vitals
-The burglarized apartment
-The creepy neighbor I've never seen WITH a shirt on
-Turning on the TV to see the nemesis stumbling over some other exceedingly difficult word to pronounce like "cat" or "shoe"
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