Life After 10
Lots of 'ritas on patios
A trip to Crawford, TX
A Jim Cummins of NBC News sighting
Finding a company to move me
Buying a new pimp ride
Finally taking out my trash
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Peace Out, Homies
So, my last official day at work came and went with no fanfare whatsoever. In fact, the end of my tenure at New$10 is so insignificant that I just snuck out the back door at the end of the day without saying goodbye.

Most Important Meal of the Day
I'm crazy for Whataburger breakfast taquitos these days. You can get the #9 value meal in the middle of the night when you've got the munchies after partying, or I don't know, in the morning or something. The taquito, hash brown things and drink cost the same as my grande iced soy latte from Starbucks. Not that I'm abandoning Starbucks. Ever.
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Are they cool again? Because the mullets-per-capita numbers were sky high at IHOP last night.
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Programming Note
ESPN's very own Mike Hall debuts tomorrow.
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I Heart the 90's
VH1's I Love the 90's has kept me indoors for most of the week, but I guess that's a good thing since it's about 486 degrees outside.
My personal 90's memories...
1990: My first CD. It's (sadly) Wilson Phillips.
1993: Mr. Dutton taught me World History. But all I remember is his incessant crotch readjustment when standing at the overhead projector.
1995: Fall hopelessly in love with Hugh Grant after viewing Four Weddings and a Funeral. Later that summer he gets caught with Divine Brown and I cry for about two hours.
1999: Amid talk of a Y2K disaster, I stock my car with bottled water and Campbell's Chunky soup (the kind with the red label) both of which are never used.
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"It's unnatural...you belong to me.. I belong to yooooooou"
Matt Iazetti tore his ACL so he's anchoring wearing a suit jacket and cargo shorts these days. We started making fun because he looks like one of the Boyz II Men, only white. (Did I write that correctly? With the "II"?) Needless to say, I've been belting out favorites like "Motown Philly" and "End of the Road" all night.
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Moppy v Michael Moore
ABC Newsmen Ted Koppel and Peter Jennings fight back against Fahrenheit 911's charges that they were too timid before the Iraq War.
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Lame Duck
T minus eight days until I say sayonara to K-Dubs. Fairly certain they won't even notice I'm gone.
Currently Listening To
The Dawson's Creek Soundtrack, Volume One. Why? I have no clue. Brings me back to sophomore year of high school, I suppose. The year I spilled my Frappucino all over the PSAT and probably messed up my score. At least that is what I tell myself.
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Re: Non-golfing Nemesis
Note how in the photo, she's not even PRETENDING to golf.
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Things That Make Me Go Hrmmm...
Next month, the nemesis is featured on the cover of a local golf magazine, AvidGolfer. What is interesting is that she doesn't PLAY golf. She did say on TV (when they wasted two minutes of Daybreak talking about her magazine spread) that she intends to start.
Also interesting - the interviewer asked her who her favorite golfer is and she said, her brother, who doesn't happen to be a pro golfer. My question is, did Miss Nemesis say that because her brother truly is her favorite golfer, or because she doesn't KNOW enough about golf (and is not culturally literate enough) to name a pro player. Hrmmm.
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Men of the Week, Abridged
Jeopardy's freakish superstar "Ken Jen"
Lil' Jack Edwards
W. Andrew Haag (Happy Birthday)
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In Front of a Computer Again
I'm back from S to the C. Pretty landscape. Great sweet tea. Nice strangers. A girl can't ask for much more than that. The frenzy of the trip wore me out though, and I'm sort of feeling distanced from my pillow.
Speaking of belongings, I gave my celly some space this weekend and I feel good about it - the two of us were spending way too much time together anyway. We're reunited now, and I'm thinking about getting it a new accessory or something now that we're back together.
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Giving the Nemesis a Run For Her Money
From Newsblues...A pair of Florida imports, Shannon Hori (from Orlando's WESH-2-NBC) and Doug Dunbar (from Miami's WPLG-10-ABC) officially debuted as co-anchors of Dallas Viacom O&O KTVT-11-CBS's low rated morning show today.

Note: Nielsen numbers indiate while CBS11 may have a low rated morning show, WFAA's Daybreak (in which the nemesis appears) is even lower rated. That's all I gotta say about that.
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He Said, She Said
Unintentionally funny soundbites from our Vegas vacation:
"Why is that boat pissing?" -The Deep
"Have you ever been at a swimming pool where people wear socks? I have." -The Beam
"Um, did you mean to say 'Holla' or 'Hola'?" -Mateo
"Okay, so on Family Feud the other day..." -The Beam
"We thought you lost your pelvis last night when you flung it." -The Deep
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Love the Badge
Sgt Ry@n Holt of Waco PD (on whom I have a small crush) came up to the live truck to say hi to me tonight. Woo hoo!

Can't Beat the DEET? Hrmmm.
Rubbed fabric softener all over body, then sprayed myself with Deep Woods OFF because that dude in the commercial told me to. No luck. Live shots in the sea of humanity that was the Central Texas fireworks show came under siege by the strangest, largest, scariest bugs I've ever seen. I have video of several of them in my hair.
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An Appearance by Mr. Sti!es
"Hello. My name is Mr. Sti!es. I saw a squirrel in the desert. The rocks there were red. I hurt my toe. Ligament damage, maybe? I get teary-eyed when I laugh, so I've been crying a lot. Only I'm not sad. But I've enjoyed watching the planes and helicopters land from the window. Simple pleasures."
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Guest Bloggers, Continued
From Ms. Beam...
"We sat by the pool and came under attack by a barrage o' birds. E!ise talked it up with a fellow MGM Grand visitor and got a free Michelob Ultra, and passed it off to me, who wanted to get Haagen Daaz. So in one hand I held a beer and in the other, a cup o' ice cream. Once we reached the room, Supdeep was still doing business. And to help him wind down from the work, we gave him the beer.
Sup Deep and I later went to gamble at the Excalibur and the dealer was possibly Steve Buscemi. No one here knows how to spell Steve Buscemi. He didn't like Sup Deep because he said he looked like 'a business journalist'. Funny, he is."
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Shitty Headline
From today's Las Vegas Review-Journal...
"Lawsuit alleges excrement in bed: Virginian sues Strip hotel, says covers got 'feces on my face"
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The Vegas Edition: Guest Bloggers
S-Deep makes the first contribution. (Excerpted from a postcard en route to Fiscus, a spelling and punctuation Nazi.)
"We R in las Vegas, nuvada and having lots and lots and lots of good times. E!ise fell and hurt her bottom. Lasure Beam wuz sun-bunned. Then she had a margurita. Sir Deep was working on a big storee. Matt fought coyotes in the mountains. Then he ate them. We alreddy went to Venice and New York and egypt... Now we will get some steak and eggs for a special prize of $5.95."
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Viva! The Vegas Edition
Holla from the great state of Nevada. According to the plates on our rental Ford Escape, it's the Silver State.
We've all been up since it was dark out in Dallas, so now we're sitting around watching Jeopardy before one of us gets stir crazy and decides to do something. S-Deep hasn't realized we're on a vacation and has spent most of this gorgeous day becoming one with his laptop. Mateo spent the day trying to make it to the top of one of the surrounding mountains (unsuccessfuly, thus far), The Beam has been on a quest to become less white, and I am on a quest to find some way to stay here indefinitely.
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