A Conversation with Rebecca Solakian
EH: "I had salmon for dinner."
RS: "Did you make it yourself?"
[Five-Second Pause]
RS: "I didn't just ask you that."
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Bottoms Up
The DFW MU Alumni Association is having a free Whiskey Tasting at this pretencious steakhouse on the tollway, III Forks. My mom used to like the place, because she'd take people there on the Taiwanese govt's dime. I'm going to bring Sudeep, because I don't actually DRINK whiskey, but am thinking HE might. Besides, I thought a free whiskey tasting just sounded kind of fun.

On an unrelated note, I am starting to get sick of not having a DVD player. I can't really afford one because my cellphone bill last month came close to 200 bones... and I'm sort of still in denial about my original DVD player being jacked.
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Mike just won ESPN Dream Job over a tool who thought he was cool cause he was from Stanford. Large land-grant University trumps the Harvard of the West.... WOO HOO!
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Must See TV
For the first time, I feel fortunate to have Tues/Wed weekends because I've been watching these 9-11 hearings all the time. I love paying attention to the people sitting behind the people testifying, not that the testimonies and questions aren't captivating enough. I particularly liked the faceless (well, her face wasn't in the shot) woman who sat behind Bill Cohen yesterday, who kept taking off/putting on her sweater. Once I saw her checking her watch.
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Yes, This is Your Real Life, Continued
Here's yet another installment of random, unfortunate events in Jack's life circa early 2004. I'm behind a truck waiting to turn out of a parking lot. The driver of this F150 must have decided it was too far out in the street and needed to back up a bit. Only, it decides to go ahead and not let ME back up, thereby BACKING RIGHT INTO ME. Dumbfounded, I reverse and pull over.. thinking this F150 that just turned out into the street would turn around and get me his insurance information. Oh, but of course, no. He drives off into oblivion, leaving me utterly aghast and pissed. There is a piece of my car in my passenger seat right now. It is NOT supposed to be there.
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The Birds
Sudeep and I walked out of some sportsbar/lounge place Tuesday night to find my car had been shat upon by about 418 birds. It was so covered in shit (I mean that literally) that it looked like a spotty white paint job.
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Another Installment, Because I'm Otherwise Spacing Out at Work
Morning News columnist Steve B is taking up inches by searching for a new slogan for Dallas. Some highlights:

"Like L.A. – But without all that annoying scenery."
"Dallas – Better Than You Think! (But not as good as we think.)"
"Dallas – The nicest city in Northern Mexico!"
"Dallas – Just south of OK."
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NIT, Here we come
Stacey W on the Mizzou men's basketball team: "It's like they are conspiring to punish us. They're sayin', we CAN play better than this, but we just WON'T."
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Love from Queer Eye
My gay neighbor Joseph - who joins me for dinner every once in a while and also lent me his household appliances after all of mine were stolen - noticed the new bangs as I was walking back into my apt on Wed and said I look very "now." Well, he's definitely gay.
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The Big Bang Theory
Anxiety attack. Have a hair appointment in T minus an hour.. to get those sideswept, eye-brimming bangs that are the MUST-HAVE this spring. Apparently if they are cut and highlighted right, they make you look super-sophisticated. Of course, if done even a little bit wrong, I'm going to have to go on sabbatical.. from society.
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Headed to D for the Big 12 Tourney.. Mizzou plays A&M at 8:20. If we can't beat the Aggies, I'm straight FINISHED with rooting for the Tigers.
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Guess WHO gets to do a gas prices story?
Fronting a high gas prices story live at a gas station? This has NEVER been done before.
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Bitter, Party of One, Bitter
(Re: Ratings War, continued)

From The Dallas Morning News - WFAA scrambling to defend its meager numbers...

Channel 8 president and general manager Kathy Clements said the station is still No. 1 based on combined newscast audiences for the entire broadcast day.

"It'd be different if this station had gone to the dogs," she said Thursday, citing ABC's continued prime-time struggles as the reason why Channel 8's 10 p.m. newscasts haven't been No. 1 since the November 2001 sweeps.

"With a little help from our ABC friends, that one newscast will turn around," she said. "Bless CBS' heart for riding the wave. They should."
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Re:Dallas Ratings War
Can I also add that sweeps in Dallas is just about the most amusing time EVER? Lot's of people spazzing out, name-calling, blame-gaming... ad infinitum.

Those of you know me know I was brought up by some vets at WFAA, which has dominated Dallas TV, birthed Belo Corp and set the bar for local TV news in national circles since the Nixon administration.

THIS ratings book, their sorry-ass managers pulled them into a whopping THIRD Place finish.. marking the first third place finish since the days of Dick and Pat. Uncle Belo's sweatin' it... more to come. Stay tuned...
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Never Trust A Woman Who Knows How to Cook
So they convicted Martha.. can't wait to catch SNL tonight. Damn, they probably stayed up all night last night after the verdict came out thinking up skits like "How to make the most out of an 8x8 space," "Creative Cement Carvings in Your Cell".. etc etc.
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All in a Day's Work
So here I was with Scually, the photog I work with on Mondays.. and we had to go to Coryell County where there are holding elections for a number of offices next Tuesday. I had to interview everyone running for DA, county atty, sheriff and tax assessor-collector.. (what I prefer to call "tax ass"). Anyway, we knock out nine of them in the morning, didnt have another until 2.. and ate these one pound hamburger steaks for lunch.
Needless to say, I was feeling like a nap. And so was Pascual.
So we drive to a park on this balmy Monday, park the news unit (a Montero Sport with fully reclining seats), roll down the windows to let in the light breeze, and park next to a little brook... (providing a natural score in the background).
We then proceed to put our seats all the way back, set my cell phone alarm, and sleep. For two hours.
When we returned to the station, I said to the news director, "Sure would have been nice to get a nap in today."
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Scenes from The Neighborhood Jack-in-the-Box
EH: I'd like a curly fries and an oreo cookie shake, please.
VOICE: That'll be three-seventy-seven.
[EH pulls up to window and hands the face behind the voice ten dollars, seventy seven cents.
She gets a few bills and a handful of change in return.]
EH: I gave you exact change.
VOICE: It was four-oh-nine.
EH:You said three-seventy-seven.
VOICE: I don't know where you got that. I was wondering why you gave me seventy seven cents. I just thought you were bad at math or something.
EH: Mmmmmkay.
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